• NOVA Ultra - Ultrasonic (UCI) Hardness Tester
  • NOVA Ultra - Ultrasonic (UCI) Hardness Tester
  • NOVA Ultra - Ultrasonic (UCI) Hardness Tester

NOVA Ultra - Ultrasonic (UCI) Hardness Tester

Measurement procedure: UCI 50N (10N is optional)

Hardness scales: HRC, HRB, HV, HB, HL, MPa

Measurement ranges: HV: 230~940; HRC: 20~70; HB: 25~650; MPa: 370~1740

Accuracy: ±3%HV; ±2%HRC; ±3%HB

Measurement direction: 360° (upside down)

Data memory: depends on the size of memory card inserted

Data output: USB output, optional data processing software

Output: colourful, back-lit display

Power: 3x AA battery/accumulator (kb. 5-8 hours of operation time)

Overall dimension: 160x75x30 mm

Weight: 0,3 kg (without probe)

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  • The Ultrasonic Contact Impedance – UCI based procedure is suitable for testing small sized and weighted, thick-walled, complex-shaped and case-hardened specimens. Strongly recommended for steel, but can be calibrated for other metals.


    • Large, graphical display

    • 88 material/hardness scale combination

    • Displaying tables, histograms and charts including SMART mode (filtering wrong results)

    • Mean, deviation and other statistical analytic tools

    • The device functions with UCI and Leeb probe as well – maybe it is the most versatile hardness tester

    • Measurement in any direction (even upside down!)

    • Directly displayable hardness scales: Rockwell (HRC, HRB), Vickers (HV), Brinell (HB), Leeb (HLD)

    • Data memory

    • Built-in camera for documentation purposes

    • Battery status display

    • Software calibration

    • USB 2.0 output és optional PC-software for data collecting and processing

    • Automatic shutdown for battery life management



    UCI hardness tester device - 1 pc.

    UCI probe (50N) - 1 pc.

    Adapter cable – 1 pc.

    Carrying case

    User's Manual


    The price does not include the installation cost and/or accredited calibration!

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    • NOVA Ultra - Ultrasonic (UCI) Hardness Tester
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