• NOVA AB-HBR42 Rockwell Hardness Clamp Testers

NOVA AB-HBR42 Rockwell Hardness Clamp Testers

Rockwell scales: HRA, HRB, HRC, HRD

Preload: 10 kg

Applied forces: 60kg, 100kg, 150 kg Rockwell; 

Resolution: 0,5HR

Accuracy: ±1,5 HR

Conversion: HV, HB

Max. jaw distance: 100x75 mm

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  • The clamp hardness testers can be used handheld and fixed in a stand as well. This way larger pieces of test materials can be examined without cutting them into smaller chunks. The test material can also be aluminum, copper, steel, stainless steel etc. Measures on flat and spherical surfaces. Even inside and outside of pipes either.



    Type                           AB-HBR2              AB-HBR42                 AB-HBR84 

    Max. jaw distance     50x50 mm             100x75 mm              200x100 mm



    Hardness tester device - 1 pc.
    Bench stand - 1 pc. 
    1/16” ball indenter -  1 pc.
    Test blocks - 3 pcs.
    Different testing tables - 2pcs.
    Carrying case
    User’s Manual
    Calibration certificate (optional)

    The price does not include the installation cost and/or accredited calibration!

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